18 Rabbits

Divinely D’lish, a California-based company, devoted to producing hand-made granola, found itself with a successful product line in need of an elevated and simplified online presence. The challenge was helping the brand maintain its culture of wholesome goodness and simple, friendly ingredients as it quickly grew from a small product line to a mass distributer.

Friendly & Functional

A brand is only as strong as its relationship to it's consumers. This meant the website project had both functional and cultural objectives — the site needed to feel as whole and grounded as the granola itself. The design goals focused around highlighting the 18 Rabbit brand portfolio while providing easy, yet unique & intuitive interactions for visitors to gain more information regarding the product offerings (and how to buy them).

Reconciling the major content areas and organizing the site structure had a major impact on the quality of the customer experience.


To determine the information architecture and content structure, we held several rapid wireframing sessions between the creative team and the client. This level of transparency helped helped the project move faster and provided the client with an end design which aligned with expectations.

Thanks to our collaborative workflow, we quickly identified which features would satisfy both business and customer needs a like. We built the product to prioritize these elements, but left enough flexibility for future growth and iteration. Below, highlights a few of the most significant features.  

Find It Fast

Using geo-locating, the map tool is able to help both supplier and consumers quickly find locations where the nearest 18 Rabbits products are available.

We utilized a clean typographic approach, with restrained use of color and minimal graphic elements. While each photo retains it’s own character and personality, it also lives harmoniously within the larger context of the product offerings and overall brand.