Dosed App

Over the summer my toddler woke up sick with a high fever. Of course, being late at night, our doctor could not be reached. After scouring the web and comparing doctor forums for an unnecessary amount of time, I found what I thought would be the proper dosage (thankfully it was). The Dosed app was born out of the frustration and worry my husband and I experienced that night.

Dosed is designed to help parents easily and clearly determine the proper dosing amounts for the administration of acetaminophen or ibuprofen to children for fevers, headaches, aches or pains.

Wireframes helped define the various interactions and the overall user flow for the final app. These wireframes also act as a guide for our development phase of the project.

Specific dosages are provided for the different formulations. The chosen dosing tool animates on screen to provide a visual indication as to how much medication should be administered.

The landing page was designed to keep prospective users informed and notify them on our impending launch - which will hopefully be soon!