One Love Foundation

The One Love Foundation was established to pay tribute to Yeardley Reynolds Love, who wore the #1 as a lacrosse player at both Notre Dame Prep and the University of Virginia. 

The foundation’s goal is to pursue a range of activities with the main focus on keeping Yeardley’s spirit alive in others by promoting service, kindness, humility and good sportsmanship in young adults. The foundation recognizes as athletes who makes a significant contribution to their teams through the the YRL Unsung Hero Award.


Working closely with the Love family to gain a sense of the wonderful person Yeardley was and the goals they had for the foundation, we came up with a website that was both personal as well as professional. An area where visitors can learn more about the foundation and provide a way for families and friends to create and share memories.


The resulting brand was a balance between a mark which payed tribute to Yeardlys spirit while establishing a sophisticated and definitive design style for the face of the non-profit organization.


In only a year’s time, the foundation has raised more than $1 million, with donations rolling in from those of all ages. From well organized fundraisers to children’s lemonade stand contributions, the One Love Foundation has touched many lives across the country. Learn more about the foundation and how you can help make a difference at