Self Management App




Interaction Designer


Mobile, UI, UX

The self management app was developed to help users undergoing treatment for Chron's Disease. Designed to help patients monitor their symptoms, doctors visits and treatment progress. Coupled with a calendar to ensure regular entry, updates, and alerts to help facilitate conversation between patient and physician.

The wireframes were crafted to help further explain the user path and define the interactions proposed for each of the application’s content screen. This phase provided our clients with a better understanding of how the app will function from a visual standpoint and gave their regulatory teams something to react to early on.

Since the application was to be an unbranded piece offered to patients, the client requested a look that was both clinical and friendly without the use of their established brand colors. Using a simple and clean color palette, we give the opportunity for the app’s content to take center stage rather than congest the app with unnecessary graphics or iconography. This also enabled us to create clearer interaction points and UI elements.